Confessions of a Socially Anxious Introvert


Welcome to my hiding place. Shhh… Don’t tell anyone you found me.

My musings

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  • Introvert Summit
    I have been following Roxana at @HonestRox on IG for almost a year now and she is putting together an amazing FREE summit for introverts. I cannot wait to see…More
  • Fed Up
    Yesterday I got completely fed up with my hair and had my husband drop me off at the hair salon to chop off my hair so I don’t have to…More
  • Help (asking and accepting)
    Why is it so difficult to ask for or accept help? I love to help others, yet I hate needing help. I imagine it’s a perfectionism thing. My brain telling…More
  • Pity Party
    I’m in a funk today. My fingers are fat and bruised (see picture above), my hair is a mess, my brain is fuzzy, and I am irritated by everything. I…More
  • I stink
    Literally. I haven’t been able to shower since Monday morning. I usually shower every other day (unless I get particularly sweaty), so you wouldn’t think it would be so bad,…More
  • Post-Op
    They didn’t take me to the OR for surgery until almost 3. I thought about writing a post while I waited, but felt like that might send me into a…More
  • Ouch?
    I took my last lovenox injection this morning. It’s a good thing, since at this point my stomach looks like one big bruise. It’s like each one left a bigger…More
  • Countdown
    Only two more sleeps until surgery. Now that the stress of getting the medication I needed to be called in is over, I’m able to spare thoughts for the surgery…More
  • Just breathe
    I finally feel like I can breathe. After all of the craziness of the week, all I have left to do over the weekend is just breathe. Sure, I still…More
  • And the saga continues…
    I am so DONE with this whole thing. Every time I get a step closer to getting what I need, someone else can’t do their job. I just don’t understand!…More

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